"Felix is very encouraging and knowledgeable. Whenever I have questions or ask him to go back over something during a lesson, he always delivers in a positive way. I would recommend him for students of all experience levels." 
Andrew C.  Jan 4, 2017


"My boys started learning guitar with Felix and have continued to grow and now love playing for the past several years. His methodology of teaching makes the learning fun and exciting with the ability to start playing the instrument immediately without even knowing how to read sheet music. Felix makes the learning experience a very positive one that my boys have cherished. I highly recommend him to anyone who really wants to learn to play guitar."
Chris P.  Mar 24, 2016


"Hard to describe in words the musical experience and know how I learned from several years of training/teaching sessions with Felix but hitting the one or two sweet notes now reminds me of the fun and hard work put in by Felix to teach me the ins and outs of musical knowledge. He is a man of great patience and understanding and it took me a while to not stay listening while he shows me how to try to duplicate the techniques he is teaching. It does not matter what genre of music a potential student is thinking of as Felix’s musical universe is large and diverse. The aspiring student will benefit immensely from this wonderful teacher and only time and distance prevents me from going back. Felix is a rare musical guru in the full meaning of the word."
Chino R.  Mar 22, 2016


"Excellent instruction that comes from a wide range of experience. Teaching that covers diverse musical genres. You’ll be playing up and playing quickly. Highly recommended."
Mark E.  Mar 20, 2016


"Felix is a great guitar instructor! He has the knowledge, skills and sensitivity to teach students of all ages and levels. Personable and enthusiastic, Felix communicates concepts and techniques very well. He is an amazing and inspiring guitarist who teaches the fundamentals while at the same time, encourages exploration and personal expression. I have been taking private lessons from Felix for a number of years and I know first-hand of his ability and willingness to provide exceptional instruction in a wide range of musical styles and genres tailored to the individual students’ interest. In my case, due to having eclectic musical taste, Felix tutors me in various categories which include: folk, blues, jazz, country, bluegrass, reggae, both classical and contemporary rock, and even some classical. I learn from him using both acoustic and electric guitar. Very soon after first taking lessons from Felix he began teaching me soloing techniques right alongside strumming rythms. Felix, a Berklee College of Music alum, is an incredibly talented and passionate guitarist held in high regard among his peers. He is a natural teacher capable of effectively instructing the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level student in equal measure. With his vast knowledge Felix offers informed instruction on reading and transcribing music, theory, and composition for those students who wish to delve that deep in their study. Felix is patient, thorough, and encouraging in his teaching approach. As a long term pupil of Felix I give him my highest recommendation."
Michael H.  Mar 19, 2016

 you *will* learn to play guitar." 

"I studied with Felix for a couple years, and it was an amazing experience. After studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, he went on to play in several noteworthy bands including Shockra and The Heavy Metal Horns and plays professionally frequently today. Felix is equally at home with rock, jazz, funk and folk and will take the time to understand your guitar playing goals. Want to learn to play by ear? Check. Read music and play from scores? Check. Immerse yourself in theory? Check. Felix’s knowledge of the guitar is encyclopedic, he’s patient, and he will make the journey fun. But most of all, with your commitment, you *will* learn to play guitar." 
Jim G.  Mar 15, 2016